Tyler “Ninja” Blevins vs. Dylan (age 4)

Twitch superstar Ninja sits cross-legged across from 4 year-old Dylan on the floor of a comic book shop. Both are wearing home-made red capes and superhero masks. They are shaking hands after a match.

ASSIGNMENT All early childhood games are not created equal. KBooM! Games partners with beloved Pre-K teacher Mrs. Judd to turn her best classroom lessons into apps. Rhinomite is a non-violent superhero game that teaches prepositions. Our assignment is to reach parents of young children to introduce Rhinomite and the Mrs. Judd’s Games brand. STORYTELLING We […]

Aspiritech: Powered by a uniquely qualified workforce

Maxwell Huffman is a QA Manager. He'in his thirties, has dark hair, and is clean shaven. He is standing in front of a high tech office space with other autistic people working in it.

Creative Brief Aspiritech is a social enterprise company. They train and hire autistic adults to perform quality assurance testing on websites and apps. Aspiritech provides services to many Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Abbott Labs, Aon, and Bose. The marketing video needed to instill confidence in the professionalism of the team,  and speak […]