Creative Brief

Aspiritech is a social enterprise company. They train and hire autistic adults to perform quality assurance testing on websites and apps. Aspiritech provides services to many Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, Abbott Labs, Aon, and Bose. The marketing video needed to instill confidence in the professionalism of the team,  and speak to the organization’s mission which is to provide jobs for people with autism. We observed that some staff are sensitive to being portrayed as having stereotypical autism ‘super powers’, so we needed to communicate the great skill they bring to their work without using humor, which often falls flat with autistic audiences.


Our Approach

We coached Maxwell to be the spokesperson for the video. He is a program manager and is comfortable being identified as autistic. We used a conversational interview style to get Maxwell to speak authentically about his work and his management approach. We shot the video on location. Aspiritech staff members working at the desks adds to the authenticity of the environment. We showed some of the modifications to the environment, such as the counseling room and sensory equipment, which make Aspiritech unique. But we were careful not to call too much attention to these features.



A pitch-perfect video that the client is eager to use as cornerstone content without reservation.

Production Team
  • Director : Jennifer Amdur Spitz
  • DP : Anne Ryan
  • Editor : Myra Rivera
  • :