All early childhood games are not created equal. KBooM! Games partners with beloved Pre-K teacher Mrs. Judd to turn her best classroom lessons into apps. Rhinomite is a non-violent superhero game that teaches prepositions. Our assignment is to reach parents of young children to introduce Rhinomite and the Mrs. Judd’s Games brand.

We created a playful showdown between world-renown gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and an adorable 4-year-old. The video blends imaginary play with video game play to create a playful interaction. It highlights the game and the educational value of screen time, while modeling fun and whimsical make-believe play between an adult and child.

We blocked and shot the video in a comic book store and edited the dialogue documentary style. The natural-sounding dialogue and home-made costumes contribute to authentic storytelling and a video that young parents can relate to. Fully saturated colors add to the fantasy feel of blending video gaming with IRL play.


Amdur Spitz & Associates worked directly with KBoom! Games and Mrs. Judd to develop the Mrs. Judd’s Games brand. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is a top Twitch Streamer, with tens of millions of followers. He started one of the first viral Twitch channels and is well-known by millennial parents. Tyler also promotes balancing IRL experiences and screen-time, making him a perfect influencer for conscientious parents, Mrs. Judd’s Games target audience.

Social media advertising, this branded video was distributed via Twitter, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram.

KBooM! Games
Production Team
  • Director : Jennifer Amdur Spitz / Arlen Parsa
  • Producer : Jennifer Amdur Spitz
  • Associate Producer : Lindsey Eanet
  • DP : Arlen Parsa
  • Editor : Arlen Parsa
  • Production Company : Amdur Spitz & Associates, Inc.