Capture and create content that highlighted the unique and creative spirit of Chicago during the NBA All-Star Weekend.

“Not just another recap” was the direction given by the Mountain Dew higher-ups. Something fresh and entertaining. We took this to heart, Chicago is our city, so we provided 3 different creative concepts that would showcase Courtside Studios while also adding theme and that “wow” factor.

Ultimately, they chose to use our “Everybody Balls” concept. A Mountain Dew basketball that would make its way from famed NBA & WNBA players to celebrities and Chicagoans alike. Chicago is a very connected city where everyone is on the same plain, regardless of status. This approach brought that idea into the spotlight.

We worked hand in hand with our main director Katie Clark to schedule out key appearances and work efficiently with high-caliber individuals in a timely manner. The result, is a beautiful collaboration of a high-concept idea (usually saved for commercials) applied to a run-and-gun event.

Mountain Dew
Production Team
  • Production Company : Intertwine
  • Executive Producer : A.J. Spitz
  • Director : Kaitlyn McMurry, Motive Agency
  • Producer : A.J. Spitz
  • Cinematographer : Rendell Smith, Alex Donewald
  • Editor : Josh Jones, Intertwine Studios
  • PA/BTS : Kaitlyn McMurry