Create two digital ads for Chicago’s Lallapalooza event. One to showcase Kamahachi’s beautiful storefront in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood & one to entice people to come to try a fan favorite, the “Luau Poke Bowl”.

Each video needed to stand on its own while informing the viewer that Kamahachi has both world-class cuisine & a pleasant fine-dinning experience.

One full day of production was needed to execute our concept. We used a Dana Dolly to assist with extremely smooth shots that added to the elegance of their store-front.

For the instructional cooking video we rigged up a “Birds Eye View” to see directly overhead. This combined with a Handheld B Camera gave a the video a thumb-stopping vibe and highlighted the interesting dish.

Post-Production was spilt between 2 editors to ensure an efficient turnaround. All editing, color-grading, sound-design, and formatting were handled in-house.


Kamehachi Lalapalooza Ads
Production Team
  • Director : Rendell Smith & A.J. Spitz
  • Executive Producer : A.J. Spitz
  • Producer : A.J. Spitz
  • DP : Josh Jones
  • Editor : Mark Walters
  • Production Company : Intertwine