“We need to find a way to get young people interested in the Audio/ Visual (AV) industry.” These were the words expressed by our AVIXA clients.

The AV-Tech Industry is aging, and not very diverse. AVIXA, the Audio Visual and Interactive Experience Association asked us to create videos and digital strategies to introduce diverse young people to these exciting careers.


We recognize that young people, especially those in music, performance, or tech are already building some of the skills they will need for these careers. Our strategy is to introduce them to these careers by helping them to see that AV-tech is in everything cool that they love, and to identify with their interest in this possible career path. We created a learning journey for them to explore AV careers. A quiz on the website helps them to see that the knowledge they already have is a valuable starting point.


Our in-house strategic communications specialist led a process with AVIXA, a committee of member companies, and our Gen Z production team to design a campaign to attract GenZers to the AV Tech industry. We created a sizzle video which was promoted heavily on social media. The follow-up CTA took them to a second video, What is AV? on the landing page of a career exploration microsite. The site includes another tab called Explore AV Careers. We designed and created all of the content for the website, including a series of nine Roles videos that showcase people in a diverse array of career paths in the industry. The content is promoted by AVIXA’s 6,000 global member companies and through partnerships with higher education and secondary schools.

The first video (above) is meant to catch your ATTENTION and build CURIOSITY.


We wrote and produced all of the content on the website and in the videos. We wanted to focus on the Wow factor. To show that AV-Tech is all around us. And the power of the media. The videos include live footage plus some product footage from AVIXA member companies. COVID struck as we were about to shoot the live Role videos, so we pivoted to create these videos using Voice overs and b-roll.


In post-production we had three editors to secure a quick turnaround. One editor focus on the sizzle video, and the What is AV? video, while the other two editors focused on the roles videos. We secured rights and permissions for all of the footage.


AVIXA Foundation
Production Team
  • Director : A.J. Spitz
  • Executive Producer : Jennifer Amdur Spitz
  • DP : Josh Jones
  • Editors : Josh Jones, Alex Donewald, Rendell Smith
  • Production Company : Amdur Spitz & Associates
  • Production Company : Intertwine Studios
  • Cinematographer : Josh Jones
  • Original Music : A.J. Spitz
  • Colorist : Josh Jones