AVIXA is a membership organization that produces the InfoCom trade shows conferences featuring AV Tech manufacturers, Installers, Designers and creators around the Globe. AVIXA wanted a fresh new Association Membership Marketing tool that would speak to the next generation and help to convert event participants to members. Many AV Tech pros work in environments where they are a department within an institution. The video also had to help these employees make a case with management for membership.


We created a video that would make people proud, excited, and energized to be a part of the growing AV Tech industry. We wanted them to feel the gestalt of being part of an exciting industry. And excited about the opportunity for networking, community, jobs, and business contacts. We featured younger professionals and people of color in this video because AVIXA is actively trying to help its member businesses attract a younger and more diverse workforce.


Through membership survey data and interviews we identified key messages and crafted the script.


We wanted to create an authentic view of membership so we shot footage at the InfoCom trade show. We used a Gimble to get the dynamic movement and feel of being there and the exciting interactive experiences the members create with AV Tech. We cast young people and people of color to reflect the audience they are trying to attract.


We had a long checklist from the client of aspects of the industry; such as roles, types of businesses, and types of venues that needed to be represented in the video. Our concept allowed for a lot of B-roll to reflect the variety of shots, and our editor put it together with a dynamic beat.


AVIXA - The Audio Visual and Interactive Experience Association
Production Team
  • Director : A.J. Spitz
  • Executive Producer : Jennifer Amdur Spitz
  • Producer : A.J. Spitz
  • DP : Josh Jones
  • Editor : Josh Jones
  • Production Company : Intertwine
  • Post Production : Intertwine Studios