Jennifer Amdur Spitz
Brand Partnerships, Executive Producer

Jennifer Amdur Spitz is a strategic communications pro who builds partnerships and narratives that connect brands to the issues that they care about most through authentic stories.


She is president of Amdur Spitz & Associates, an agency specializing in purpose-driven campaigns reaching young audiences for over twenty years. Jennifer produces documentary films, brand videos, and advocacy videos. She designs strategic communications campaigns that grow engagement, influence hearts and minds, and build relationships. 


Jennifer frequently works at the intersection of youth and arts and taps into trends to support positive youth development and opportunity. For example; she designed a multi-media campaign for AVIXA (producers of InfoComm) to introduce the next generation to careers in AV Tech.  Intertwine proved to be such an exciting and valuable partner on the AVIXA account, that we decided to join forces to bring our unique combined expertise to Intertwine clients.  


Jennifer is co-producer of the feature documentary film Food Patriots and produced an impact campaign that included national brands such as Chipotle and Organic Valley and strategic partners such as Consumer Union, NRDC, Pew Charitable Trusts, and USDA-FNS. Food Patriot’s digital premiere garnered 2.1M impressions. The campaign published videos across social media channels, included over 1000 public screening and speaking engagements, and contributed to antibiotic-free meat in schools and grocery stores.


An entrepreneur herself, Jennifer is passionate about mentoring young businesses. She is founding executive board member of Naturally Chicago which brings together entrepreneurs, investors, retailers, and industry experts to make Chicago an epicenter for fast-growing natural products companies.



Her agency experience spans more than two decades serving clients across education, healthcare, food and nutrition, environment, arts and culture, health and human services, real estate, and technology industries. She is also co-founder of Groundswell Films, wife of documentary filmmaker Jeff Spitz, and mother of A.J. Spitz and Sam Spitz (the only Spitz family member not making movies).