Mistakes Happen, People Catch on Fire



What’s one of the craziest sets you’ve ever been a part of?


When I was a kid we went to Amityville, New York in 2017 to shoot a heavy metal music video for a friend of mine. We came up with this concept which involved us setting a handful of things on fire. The drum set, drum sticks, a shopping cart, and basically whatever else we could get our hands on. We told the guys (band members) our idea and they showed up with three, 10-gallon tanks of gasoline. We pretty much set their entire backyard on fire. To our surprise, nobody even tried to stop us. No fire trucks, no cops, no neighbors calling or anything. We were blasting heavy metal music at like 3 AM, and the lead singer climbed up on their roof and was screaming his lungs out. Like the whole situation was just insane. I have no idea how we got away with it. A number of things caught on fire! Including the hood on my jacket, Alex (my partner), and one of the artists. But thankfully everyone was safe and there were no injuries! Looking back that is one of the craziest sets I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t believe how stupid and lucky we were. 

Abby: What do you think your greatest strength is?


As I got older, I realized that a lot of the adults I worked with didn’t really have all the answers. There was a whole lotta “guess and check” goin on. Which helped me realize that making a few mistakes here and there wasn’t the worst thing in the world. As long as I own up to my mistakes and learn from them, you know, it builds character. It builds confidence and it teaches you how to handle yourself in moments of uncertainty. So I’d say that positivity and understanding that failure is the only way to get better are probably some of my stronger traits. That allows me to constantly grow and not be discouraged.

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