Mary Munez
Producer, Production Manager

Mary A Munez, Producer

Mary is a veteran producer and production manager. She brings deep experience working with brands and labels to Intertwine’s creative team. Mary is well known for her abilities to manage complex productions and deliver outstanding projects on time and on budget. Mary has produced commercials for brands such as; ZenB Bites, Midtown Athletic Club, Big Shoulders Coffee, NFL Inspire Change, CDW, and Spotify Blend. Mary is an indispensable team member and has produced music videos for artists such as Snoop Dogg & Billy Ray Cyrus, MIA, Jaytekz, Lucki, Tay Money and Chance The Rapper.

Mary is a certified COVID-19 Compliance Officer Level A & B, and has Safe Sets International & Certified Health Management Systems credentials. She is proficient in current OSHA Guidelines, and as an LPN, she can deliver first aid.