Jennifer Amdur Spitz
Brand Partnerships, Executive Producer

Jennifer Amdur Spitz is a strategic communications pro who builds partnerships and narratives that connect brands to the issues that they care about most. Jennifer produces documentary films, brand videos, and advocacy videos and designs communications that grow engagement and build relationships. Jennifer works frequently at the intersection of youth and arts and taps into […]

Mary Munez
Producer, Production Manager

Mary A Munez, Producer

Mary is a veteran producer and production manager. She brings deep experience working with brands and labels to Intertwine’s creative team. Mary is well known for her abilities to manage complex productions and deliver outstanding projects on time and on budget. Mary has produced commercials for brands such as; ZenB Bites, Midtown Athletic Club, Big […]

TCF Live
Writer, Producer

Hip Hop and R&B Artist TCF Live

Live is well known in the Hip Hop and R&B scenes for his work writing music, producing videos and being a community builder. He’s a jack of all trades. Live has earned credits for producing high-budget music videos, writing hooks for A-list artists, and  penning jingles for fortune 500 retail brands such as Target. He […]

A.J. Spitz
Director, Founder


AJ Spitz is one of the most potent creatives in the Hip-Hop & R&B scenes. Not only is he a recording artist himself, bending genres and defying expectations, but his ability to direct and create incredible music videos is second to none. A visual artist and musician, Spitz explains, ”I see music.” Perhaps his most […]

Music Videos and Commercials By Gen Z Directors Engage Youth with Brands


The Chicago music video scene has been booming as the summer of 22 has created a renaissance-like atmosphere amongst Chicago creatives and Chicago branded content creators. “The two worlds are beginning to collide,” Chicago music video director Mark Williams says in an interview. The underground arts scene is starting to meet brands focused on targeting […]

Always Learning, Interview with KiKi Lam


Abby Davis is a production assistant for Intertwine and an aspiring filmmaker. She interviewed KiKi Lam, a young cinematographer and filmmaker about her experiences and journey into filmmaking.  Abby: So I just wanted to talk a little bit about you today. I have some questions that are specific, and whatever you want to talk about […]

The law through the eyes of the youth.

Myra Rivera, a young Chicago filmmaker, recently has been getting attention for her role in creating the animated graphics in this video showing us what the judicial system is doing to our youth. A new report by the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission, Burdened for Life: The Myth of Juvenile Record Confidentiality and Expungement in Illinois: […]

Mistakes Happen, People Catch on Fire


Abby: What’s one of the craziest sets you’ve ever been a part of? Rendell: When I was a kid we went to Amityville, New York in 2017 to shoot a heavy metal music video for a friend of mine. We came up with this concept which involved us setting a handful of things on fire. […]



“I aint tryin to be one of those woo woo Rah rah rappers, not to discredited any of them or how they live, but I’m tryna be more positive. I want to be a more positive impact for black kids from the south side of Chicago.”

Hiring Zoomers? Here’s Some Insight


“People cant feel like just another cog in the machine anymore. It HAS TO BE ABOUT MORE THAN A CAREER OR JOB AND MONEY. IT HAS TO BE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS… We leave school, give up all our humanistic connection,s and are intimidated by the workforce because we fear our jobs can’t offer us the same […]